Fabio's Playlists for February, 2001

February 4, 2001

James Last "Mr. Giantman"
Richard Harris "MacArthur Park"
Morricone Youth "Main title - Lullaby - 'Rosemary's Baby'"
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath"
Ennio Morricone "Alla Serenita"
The Who "Much too Much"
Easybeats "You Me, We Love"

Jackie Mittoo "Get Up and Get it"
Ravi Harris and the Prophets "Path of the Blazing Sarong"
Curtis Mayfield "Wild and Free"
Sly and the Family Stone "If you Want Me To Stay"
Issac Hayes "Walk On By"
Maurice McIntyre "Life Force"
KC & The Sunshine Band "Boogie Shoes"

Animated Egg "A Love Built on Sand"
Sun City Girls "The Night Fears Black Lajoon"
Black Swan Network "The Late Music, #1"
Hockenkeit "400 Boys"

Twill "Dritter Thei/Froilan Huelmo"
Jean-Luc Godard "La Ville de Traquee" (OST Alphaville)
White Winged Moth "Ribbon Bow"
Luigi Nono "La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura" Leggio V

Henry Flint "You Are My Everloving" excerpt

Staple Singers "I'll Take You There"
Last Poets "Surprises"
Funkadelic "Into You"
Fred Lane "White Woman"
Machito & His Afro Cubans "Si Si, No No"
Mary Wells "You Beat Me to the Punch"

February 11, 2001 "Mostly Valentines"

James Last "Mr. Giantman"
Iannis Xenakis "Bohor"
Iannis Xenakis "Kraanerg" excerpt
Iannis Xenakis "Concret PH"

Harvey & the Moonglows "The 10 Commandments of Love"
Margie Alexander "Can I Be Your Main Thing"
Big Star "For You"
Modern Lovers "Girl Friend"
Rolling Stones "She's A Rainbow"
Brigitte Bardot "Contact"
Zombies "Care of Cell 44"

T-Rex "Light of Love"
Lou Reed "Satellite of Love"
American Music Club "The Revolving Door"
Tom Jones "The Wichita Lineman"
Nick Cave "Into My Arms"
Johnny Cash "I Walk the Line"

Roxy Music "In Every Dream Home a Heart Ache"
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood "Some Velvet Morning"
Dinah Washington w/ Cootie Williams Orch. "Long John Blues"
Louise Huebner "Orgies, A Tool of Witchcraft"
101 Strings Orch. "Love at First Sight"
Chakachas "Jungle Fever"
Gwen McCrae "Rockin Chair"
Johnny Bristol "Hang On In There Baby"

Aretha Franklin "I say A Little Prayer"
Serge Gainsbourg "L'Anamour"
101 Strings "This Guy's in Love With You"
Dusty Springfield "The Look of Love"
Robert Wyatt "Alifib"
Chet Baker "My Funny Valentine"

Miles Davis "My Funny Valentine"

February 18, 2001

James Last "Mr. Giantman"
Led Zepplin "Kashmir"
Flying Saucer Attack "Distance"
Eno "Baby's On Fire"

The Red Krayola "Boards"
Erhard Hirt "Loop"
Erhard Hirt "laut"
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt "Raag Hem Bihag"
Eno, Moebius, Roedelius "Light Arms"

Tonalamotl "Untitled"
Dean Roberts/Werner Dafeldecker "Rock and Roll pt.4"
Sun City Girls "Brahmaputra Plutonium"
Herter's Crow Calling "Crow Calling part 2"

Baseball Astrologer "Deception of Doing Anything At All"
Mirror "Front Row Center"
Keiji Haino "Affection"

The Grassroots "Wait a Million Years"
Love "The Daily Planet"
Television "Elevation"
L'Infonie "J'ai Perdue 15 Cents"
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski "La Tete Bandee"
Bernard Parmegiani "Kaleidoscope II"
Bernard Parmegiani "L'Oscillee"
Bernard Parmegiani "Unisson des Voix"
PanSonic "Liuos"
Kraftwerk "Stratovarius"

February 25, 2001

James Last "Mr. Giantman"
Erhard Hirt "Drone"
Simon Wickham-Smith/Richard Youngs "Parsnip"
Glenn Branca "The Ascension"

Contortions "Design to Kill"
Black Light Braille "Mr Wandereye's Introduction"
Rod McKuen "No Pictures Please"
Rod McKuen "Back to Sausalito"
Pharoah Sanders "The Creator Has a Master Plan"

Caspar Brotzmann "Mute Massaker"
Sunroof "Pink Stream 1"
Pengo "New Loft Elevation 2001"
Collage: Stephen P. McGreevy "Stereo Recording VLF, Alberta Canada, 6/20/98" with Elaine Radigue "Biogenesis"
Vibracathedral Orchestra "My Gates Open, Tremble by My Side" (excerpt)
Hawkwind "Opa Loka"

Microstoria "Soso Sound"
Scratch Petland "Alo Fab"
Scratch Petland "Abeilles A.s.b.l."
Power & Responsibility "#2"
Thomas Durchdoy/Ghislaine Hillard "Atimatop"
Thomas Durchdoy/Ghislaine Hillard "Miop Miop"
Poetics "Cream of Kentucky"
Poetics "The Carnal Plane"
Steve Roden "The Head of Bees"

Harry Bertoia "Here and Now"
I saw It All Happen From Beginning to End - Life Everlasting, Amen.
Organum "Desola" pt. 3
Kjetil D. Brandsdal "Beveren"
Steffen Basho Junghans "Inside" second movement, pt.1
John Fahey "Knotts Berry Farm Molly"

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