Fabio's Playlists for January, 2001

January 7, 2001
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James Last "Mr. Giantman"
The Banana Splits "I Enjoy Being a Boy (In Love with You)" Donanvan "Sunny South Kensington"
Pascal Comlade "Besame Mucho"
Stone (OST) "Ecoblu/Toad strip"
Faust "It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl"

Faust "Meadow Meal"
Paul De Marinis "The Lecture of Comrade Stalin…"
PanSonic "AANIPAA" Stephen P. McGreevy "Music of the Magnetosphere, 8/24/96, 10AM, Manitoba, Canada"
PanSonic "Ulottuvuus"

Giancinto Scelsi "Anahit"
John Cage "Voiceless Essay" (Excerpt)

Cornelius Cardew "The Great Learning, paragraph 2"
Meiskuoro Huutajat " Tirol, Du Bist Mein Heimatland"
Terry Fox "Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of Cats"

Martin Denny "When First I Love"
Erik Satin "Follow Me to San Jose"
Frank Sinatra "Witchcraft"
Ennio Morricone "Placcaggio"
Erik Satin "I Know How the Music sounds"

Rajesh Mehta "Reconfigurations" pt.1
Lech Jankowski "Canone Non Infinitione"
Sylvie Menta & Chim Nwabueze "Improvizations for Saw & Piano harp"
Stylus "gwymon"
Janek Schaefer "Light Over Las Vegas"

January 14, 2001
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James Last "Mr. Giantman"
Velvet Underground "What Goes On (live)"
Spacemen 3 "Losing Touch with My Mind"
Fille Qui Mousse "Trixie Stapleton 281…"pt.8
E.A.R. "Synchrondipity"
CAN "Prehistoric Future,pt.1"

Bruce Russell "Black Flies" #2
Louis & Bebe Baron "Ancient Krell Music" (OST Forbidden planet)
Louis & Bebe Baron "The Mind Booster, Creation of Matter" (OST Forbidden planet)
Electrostatic Cat "Dysteleology"
Microstoria "Membrand"
E.A.R. "Ring"

Pierre Henry "La Chauve-Souris" (the Bat)
Pierre Henry "Le Corbeau" (the Crow)
Pierre Henry "Duel de Deux Principes - Dieu"

Robert Wyatt "I'm a Believer"
Pascal Comlade "Sad Skinhead"
Augustus Pablo "Arabian Rock"
T-Rex "Girl"
Pascal Comlade "Egyptian Reggae"
Pascal Comlade "Alifib"
Etta James "At Last"

Dasheill Hedayat "Cielo Drive/17"

January 28, 2001
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James Last "Mr. Giantman"
Miles Davis "Guinnevere"
Popol Vuh "Mantra II (Choir)"

Tom Recchion "Cara Mia"
Luigee Trademarque "Untitled"
Terry Riley "You're No Good"

Guru Guru "Space Ship"
Capt. Beefheart & his Magic Band "Kandy Korn" live 1968
Charalambides "Momentum"
Hall of Fame "The Ballad of the River People"

Acid Mothers Temple "la Novia" pt.1
N. American Frogs "Florida Barking tree Frog"

Stephen Vitiello "Bite the Neighbor" #2
Steve Reich "Pendulum Music"
Richard Maxfield "Amazing Grace"
General Magic "Rechenkonig #5"
Rhythm & Noise "Spyral I"

Son of earth/Flesh on Bone Trio "(Pilgrims) Spirit Blanket"
Handful of Dust "His Heart savage & Buzzing, Like a Swarm of Black Flies"
Handful of Dust "And the Sun is Not Named, but His Power is Amongst us"
Der Plan "Geri Regi"
Buttfinger "Cocaine"
The Fall "Leave the Capital"

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