Fabio's Playlist for November 19, 2000
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James Last "Mr. Giantman"
P.I.L. "the Flowers of Romance"
Pink Floyd "Remember a Day"
Brian Eno "Here Come the Warm Jets"
T-Rex "The Soul of My Suit"
Roy Harper "She's the One"

Hoppy Kamiyama & Bradford Reed "Hare Krishna"
Ghost "Guru in the Echo"
July "The Way"
101 Strings "Flame Out"
Dick Shawn as L.S.D. "Love Power" (from the O.S.T. The Producers)
Dremble Wedge & the Vegitations (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) "Bedazzled"
The Monkees "Daily, Nightly"

Capitol Records L.S.D. documentary
Dr. Timothy Leary "LSD"
Ohr Musik "Journey #3"
Sunroof "Bright Pacific Streams"
The Beatles "Revolution #9"

Microstoria "Me too Modula"
Shock City Shockers "Tribal Circus, Rhythm #5"
Kraftwerk "Computer Love"
Ron Geeson "Syncopot"
Dick Hyman "Moon Gas"
Maurice & Walter "Crystal Waters"

Nick Drake "Time Has Told Me"
Nick Drake "Northern Sky"
Nick Drake "Place To Be"
Nick Drake "Cello Song"
Nick Drake "Hazy Jane I"
Nick Drake "Saturday Sun"

Das Berliner Konzert "Musica che Si Ascolta Raramente"

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