Fabio's Playlist for October 22, 2000
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James Last "Mr. Giantman"
Toru Takemitsu "Woman in the Dunes"
Kinski "Staring"
Flying Saucer Attack "Distance"
Can "Connection"
Toru Takemitsu "Harakiri"

Peter Zinovieff "Agnus Dei"
Climax Golden Twins "Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds", #8 & #9
Steve McCaffery "Multiples"
Longstone "Auto://Trophic"
Climax Golden Twins "Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds", #10

Brigitte Fontaine "Eros"
Witthuser + Westrupp "Illusion I"
Brigitte Fontaine "Une Minute Cinquante-Cinq"
Angels of Light "Inner Female"
Les Reed "Surrender to a Stranger" (from Girl on a Motorcycle OST)

Captain Beefheart "Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles"
Robert Wyatt "I'm a Believer"
Pascal Comlade "Besame Mucho"
Nick Drake "3 Hours"
Alastair Galbraith "Water in My Eyes"
Nick Cave "Sad Waters"

Steven Wray Lobdell "Automatic Writing by the Moon,"
Steven Wray Lobdell "All Mystics Are Numbered" Amps for Christ "Singles E-133,"
Amps for Christ "Copper Tar"
Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt "Raag Hem Bihag"
VC Hooker "VC's Blues"
Dzyan "Khali"

AMM "Generative Themes" V
Francois Bayle "Jeita (Murmur of Stone Bees)"
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Sex"
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Redman"
Ryuichi Sakamoto "George in Rain"

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