Fabio's Playlist for October 15, 2000
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James Last - Mr. Giantman
Nachtluft - Le Silence Reactive
Bill Dixon/Tony Oxley - Squares
Tart - The Mums
John Cage - Credo in Us (1942 radio broadcast)

Die Trip Computer Die - Castle Buchwater
Tristam Cary - Suite- The Children of Lir (1959)
Tart - Radio Orange
Sensorband - Analogue
Nurse With Wound - Fitching a Wrong Number; All that's Left Over
Die Trip Computer Die - We Are Your Friends
Christian Marclay/Otomo Yoshihide - Distant Trip

Kawabata Makoto - KAN
Cornelius Cardew - The Great Learning, Paragraph 1
Caspar Brotzmann - Mute Massaker

Lake - Let the Eat Records
Lake - Help the Aged
Peter Scherer - Reaper (Remix)
Igor Wakhevitch - Eau Ardente
Igor Wakhevitch - Matines
Die Trip Computer Die - Gravel Eater
Kraftwerk - Radio Activity

Stooges - 1970 (take 7)
Puzzle Punks - Unlimited Tooth Picker
Dirty 3 - 1000 Miles
Scott Walker - It's Raining Today

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