Fabio's Playlist for October 8, 2000
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James Last - Mr. Giantman
Lechj Jankowski - Marsz (from Institute Benjamenta)
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Set Sail for the Sun
L. Jankowski - Maly Cmentarz Harf
E. Morricone - Kaiserstrasse (from Drammi Gotici)

Hugh Davies/Max Eastley/Barry Leigh - Untitled 10/25/79 (LMC)
Intonarumori - GTR
Kato Hideki - Savage
Spontaneous Music Orchestra - Sustained Piece (Vocal)

Mnemonists Orchestra - Some Attributes of a Living System (excerpt)
Anti-clockwise - The Guitar Mash-down
Dave Stephens - Untitled 1-24-81 (LMC)
Omit - The State of Change
White Winged Moth - Scratch(ed) Music

Beatles - Flying
Beautiful People Ltd. - Liquid Bebe Psychedelia
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (stereo Mix)
Blo - Miss "Sagitt"

International Harvester - Soj Cott Rose Marie
Guillero Gregorio - Campanitas (Little Bells)
Anal Magic & the Rev. Dwight Frizzell - Fly by Night

Al Green - Tired of Being Alone
Barbara Lynn - (Until Then) I'll Suffer

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