Fabio's Playlist for October 1, 2000
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James Last - Mr. Giantman
God Speed You Black Emperor - Sleep (excerpt)
Murray Macon - Jesus Cares
Lem Tuggle (Hiss) - Breakout
God Speed You Black Emperor - Static: Terrible Canyons of Static Chart #3
Leif Elggren - Mother!!?

Climax Golden Twins - Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds: #2, #3, #4
Otomo Yoshihide/Sachiko M. - Filament 1-3
Edgar Varese - Ionisation
John Cage/Kenneth Patchen - Imaginary Landscape

Arnold Drtteyblatt - Propellers in Love
E.S.P. (East Side Percussion) - Magnetic Healing
E.S.P. (East Side Percussion) - The Pear Eight Matrix
Runaway Train - self titled
Tim Perkins/Jon Bischoff - White Yellow Nine Grey

Soft Machine - spaced Two
Atman - The Theater of Mist
Michael Prime - Listen to Peyote
Late - Glass Tuning
Tod Dockstader - Apocalypse, Second Fragment

Sun Ra - Crystal Spears
Elton Dean - Something Passed Me By
Archie Shepp - Blasť

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