Fabio's Set Lists for Dec 26, 1999

Live phone listener call-in throughout program, backed with live non-stop audio collage. On-air discussions with listeners giving personal views on the new "millenium", the last century, decade, year, etc. Topics included events of the century, terrorism, fear, progress, music, etc...

ArtistSong, etc.

James LastMr. Giant Man
Sources for collage:
Echoboy"New Found Land"
Body LoversNumber One of Three
Terry FoxLinkage
Folk RabeWhat??
The Conet ProjectRecordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations
Chris WatsonStepping into Darkness
Steve HeimbeckerAnthology/Enormouslessness of Cloud Machines
Shadowbug 4Tiny Voices of Love & Fear
FenneszPlus 47 degrees
Idea Fire CompanyAnti- Natural lp

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