Fabio's Set Lists for Dec 12, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
CanLittle Star of Bethlehem
RH BandFirst Tone (track #4, San Francisco)
Terry RileyDorian Reeds, 1966

The Magic Carpathians Project"Atman" (split 7")
Death AmbientSchizoid
Sowing Death
Fred FrithDependable Phantoms (from Guitar Solos)
Noel Akchote"& Low", from Pictures lp
AMMGenerative Themes III

Stephen VitielloUitti
Kevin Drumm"...We both liked the view..."
Kurt SchwittersEinleitung und erster teil: Rondo
Mats Lindstrom & Soren Runolf"Truth is Stranger than Fiction"
Imaginary FriendsHadjimiradji (Spectrum split CD)
Nimbus 2000"The Ogopogo" (7")

Imginary FriendsCheap Thrills
Vittorio GelmettiModulazioni per Michelangiolo

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