Fabio's Set Lists for Dec 12, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Acid Mothers TempleReverse of Universe 1. (from "Ivan Piskov's Wild Gals a Go Go")
TibetChant dedie a la Divinite Protectrice Midu)
Idea Fire CompanyAgainst Gravity (from Anti Natural)

Pierre HenryGramulometrie (excerpt)
from Mix Pirre Henry Box 1999, Philips France
Jaap BlonkSea Horses and Flying Fishes (from Flux de Bouche)
John Cage w/David TudorIndeterminacy (excerpt)
Ken Nordiner"Blue" (from Colours)
Nina SimoneHe Needs Me
Francisco LopezUntitled Single Piece #4 (7" release)

Death AmbientPink Jewel Anemone Cluster
Sacred Obsession (from Synaesthesia)
Television Power ElectricThe Angels Have been seen to wear Dirty Jackets
Bernard ParmegianiDu Pop a L'ane (from Pop Eclectic)
Two Dollar GuitarTwilight Limited
JazzKammerSilver Spider Morning (from Timex)

Popol VuhAguirre 1 (from OST, Aguirre, the Wrath of God)
Ralph HaxtonMadelaine's Radiola (7")
David ToopSmell of Human LIfe (excerpt)

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