Fabio's Set Lists for Dec 5, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.

James LastMr. Giant Man
Smell of Incense(The Smell of) Interstellar Overdrive
Popol VuhAffenstunde (excerpt)
Ssab Songs (Hamony Korine)Ssab Songs (excerpt)
Volcano the BearQuarterstone
Bob CobbingTan (from Variations 3)
Volvcano the BearMusima
Bernard ParmegianiPop Eclectic (1968) (from Pop Eclectic, Platelunch issue1999)

Noel AkchoteAlike Joseph
SkullflowerRotten Sun II (From Last Shot at Heaven)
Syngen BrownRainer's Corpse (from Variations 3)

Bernard ParmegianiEt Apres (1973), from Pop Eclectic
OvalSmooth Space Audio 0.7b (White Hole comp)

Nick DrakeThings Behind the Sun

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