Fabio's Set Lists for November 14, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
CANMother Sky
This HeatMakeshift Swahili (Live, Germany 1980)

Pierre HenryTokyo 2002 (MIx Pierre Henry Box)
Gil WolmanL'Anticoncept - La Memoire (Megapnumies) 1967-68, Alga Margen lp
FenneszPlus 47 degrees, Minus 16 degrees- track #011 (Touch)
Sonic Youth/Steve Reich Pendulum Music (1968) SYR
Pierre HenryBriques et Bitume (Une Tour de Babel, 1999)

Stephen Vitiello, Michael Evans,D. Sharpe, Paul GelusoLive Improvisation, unreleased CDR, untitled
Teo MaceroPressure (from Time Plus Seven, Finnadar lp 1978
Noah HowardPatterns (Live in Hilversum, Holland 1971)

PitaGet Out, pt. 8
Larry Blakedocumentary/dramatization on H-Bomb preparedness, "The Complacent American" 1961 lp on Cee Dee records
Mixed with Edward Artemiev "Mosaic" from Electroacoustic Music Vol. IV, Moscow,

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