Fabio's Set Lists for October 24, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
GateHands (from The Lavender Head lp)
The Blurred Tree "
Mary & Mars "
Gerard Malanga & William Burroughsdiscuss dreams (taped interview on Up From the Archives CD)
Francisco LopezAddy en Pais (excerpt)

FaustIt's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl ( So Far)
Adam BohmanAt Home (fishstock and Pussy), from Music and Words CD
Peter HartmanSpontaneous Classical Piano Routine (Malanga from Up from the Archives)

Kawabata MakotoSho (Private Tapes)
Capt. BeefheartUntitled No.2 (Trout Mask sessions - Grow Fins box)
MicrostoriaFeld 1 (SND)
Anthony MoorePlains of Hungary (1987 - ReRe Quart. Vol.2, No.1)

David ToopAn Anthrop Raising its Head to See the Sirakami (Museum of Fruit)
Mauricio KagelUnter Strom (Deutsche Grammofon)
MimeoMusic in Movement , Den Haag - 2.2
Skuli Sverrisson/Hilmar JenssenKJAR #2
Pierre BastienSinetic Santic

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