Fabio's Set Lists for October 10, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Amps for ChristEucalliptus Prayer
Single E-133
Amon Duul 2Cereberus
Klaus SchulzSatz Gewitter
Holy River Family BandThe Vision Quest of the Sanpoil (excerpt)

M. BehrensSecular Air
Martin DennyTemptation
P16.D4Easter Anywhere
Santa PodRace track documents
M. BehrensScrutto

Limpe FuchsZUG
Charlemagne PalestineSchligen Blangen
Oblique SessionsDaborektor
Pointless OrchestraPhaw Chai Dai

Scott WalkerIt's Raining Today
Leonard CohenBird on A Wire
Pascal ComladeTeresa (from L'ARGOT DU BRUIT)
Historia d'un Amor (from El Cabaret Galactico)

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