Fabio's Set Lists for September 5, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Michel ChionSanctus
Climax Golden TwinsLive Vol. 1
Anthony MooreReed, Whistle & Sticks (Excerpt)
Maryanne AmacherDense Boogie 1
MarhaugRishaug (VA Comp: Love Comes Shinning over the Mountain)

Arne NordheimFonofonier
Dean RobertsMoth Park Killings , Pt. 1 : Slide Attack
Kato HidekiHope & Despair
Toho SaraEastern Most #1

Tobacco Auctioneerslive auction
Alog500,000 years ago (From Red shift Swing
John Fahey/Cul de SacGamelan Collage (from Epiphany of Glenn Jones)
La GloriaWhere is there to go?

Six Organs of AdmittanceMantra of the Redefinition of Being, featuring Creation Aspects: Fire/Air/Water
Anal MAgic and the Reverend Dwight FrizzellCopulation of Basilea & Hyperion
Asmus TietchensPtomaine
Mika VainioMarras (from Ydin)
Six Organs of AdmittanceMantra of Redefinition... (reprise)

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