Fabio's Set Lists for August 29, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Angels of LightGods Servant
Iggy PopShe Called Me Daddy
Long Distance
Angels of LightPraise your Name

Lester BowieGettin' to Know Y'all (pt.1) Live at Baden Baden festival.

AMMfor Ute
Eric SalzmanQueens Collage
Randy Grief150 Invisible Horses (from Alice in Wonderland, Vol. 5)
Sun RaWREK interview
Christoph HeemannUber den Umpang Mit Umgebung Und Andere Versuche (1991) Teil 3
StockhausenMixture: Punkte; Holz; Spiegel Translation; Tutti; Brass

LakeLet them eat records!
David WatsonPhrase Repeater
Mika VainioVain

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