Fabio's Set Lists for August 15, 1999

Toho Sara Mei Jou Tan Sho (pt.2)
ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Mitsura TabataEscape
Hermann NitschMusik der Aktion 66 (Frankfurt, May 21, 1980)
Eraserhead OST"In Heaven"...

Erhard HirtLaut
OmitThe First Selfless Reflection (From Quad box)
Loop Orchestra"Artery" in mix with Child Guidance instructional on Rosicrucian Records.
Richard ThomasGurl Tricia
Christian FenneszIl Libro Mio (ON)

Repeat#3 (temporary Contemporary)
Wabi SabiUntitled #2 and #3
1-A DusseldorfOLaLa

Charles WilpRed Indian Sirene
Hal BlaineAmethyst
Nick DrakeCello Song

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