Fabio's Set Lists for July, 11, 1999

(Special film soundtracks show with in studio guests Brian Frye and Bradley Eros of the Robert Beck Memeorial Cinema, which screens experimental and rare films in New York City. Rare and unreleased soundtracks aired during the course of this show, including an on-air film projection.)

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Peter Thomas Sound OrchestraRaumpatrouille Orion
Nina FonoroffThe Mind is Like a Very Wonderful Camera
Jean-Luc Godard"An image is not Dangerous" (loop)
Christoph KomedaFearless Vampire Killers
Dirk Schaefer St. Mathias Muller Film Memo Book
Ennio MorriconeL'Uccello dalle Piume #4 & #5

Riucci SakamotoLove is the Devil
Ken JacobsBlonde Cobra (excerpt)
One of One
Godard's Weekendreading Lautreamont
Wet Gate"Psychic Flock" (Owen O'Toole)
Bobby BeausoleilLucifer Rising (OST for K. Anger's film)
Jimmy Page Lucifer Rising (alternate S/T for K. Anger's film)
Charles WilpSexy Mini-Super Flower Pop, pt. 1
Hollis FramptonLittle Stabs at Happiness

Film Projection

Bradley Eros/Jeanne LiottaDervish Machine
Pierre HenryHanger d'Avions (Man with A Movie Camera)
G. LigetiLux Aeterna (2001)
Bradley ErosHayena Medley
Joe GreenOn Her Bed of Roses
Dick HigginsYam Farm (What's Happening)
Stan Brackage w/Joel HeartlingLoud Visual Noises
Gerard MalangaKeewatin Dewdney - '67
Etantes DonnesRoyaune
The Directions of Henry Hootan

Ed Wood"I Have No Home..."
SarabandAir Section
El Topo
John CaleLegs Larry at Television Center
B. ErosMutable Fire

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