Fabio's Set Lists for June 27, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Magical Power Makoexcerpt from Mom 'n Dad CD "1")
Capitol LSD doc. lpw/ Dr. Sidney Cohen
Hal Blaine/Emil RchardFlashes
The BeatlesWhat's the New Mary Jane?

IntersystemsGrand Piano
2 Apples
Tetsuo InoueSynthetic Doom
Institute for Sonic Ponderance#6
Gab Binocular Howler Monkey
Igor WakhevitchLicornes (from Dr. Faustus)
Soft MAchineHope for Happiness
Joy of a Toy
Hope for Happiness (reprise)

Vladimir UssachevskyWireless Fantasy
Trevor WishartDreamer
Pierre HenryGymnastique (from Man w/ A movie Camera, D. Vertov)
Pierre HenryRadio (from La Ville)

Dr. OctogonI Got to tell You
Earth People
Issac HayesWalk On By
FunkadelicMaggot Brain

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