Fabio's Set Lists for Feb 21, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
D. GalasFlag Day
(Jim French lp - If Looks Could Kill)
Dusty SpringfieldI Start Counting
Basil KirchinWorlds within Worlds (Excerpt)

BrainticketTo Another Universe
Syd BarrettRamadam
CreviceThink PLeasant Things (pt. 3)
Barrettinterview w/intro
Brast BurnDebon pt.2
BarrettInterview; Sunshine

BarrettInterstellar Overdrive (plus interview)
Taj Mahal TravellersAugust 1974 (pt.4)

Gordon MummaFWYYN
HNASWie Ein Bock am Michelstag
Martin TetreaultLeurs Personnalites
KK Null/DiscSubsonic #8
Carnival of Souls (Ost)Profane/Sacrilege
Prick DecayWinged Discs & Crispy Panacakes

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