Fabio's Set Lists for Jan 24, 1999

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
MEVSound Pool
RH Band3rd Order Parasitism #2
OrganizationSilver Forest
Tibet/StapletonLeft Her for a Cartoon Octopus
Timothy LearyGetting Chicks (phone dialogue)

Joe Meek I Hear A new World
Brunio NicolaiSecondo Rito
Pretty ThingsGrowing In My Mind
Miles DavisGuinnevere
Piero PiccioneLove Theme from The Tenth Victim
KinksWaterloo Sunset

Stan KentonSome Saxophones
Natsuki TamuraFamily of Mole
ElvisBlue Moon
Bill DixonMoment
S. KentonStructures

Karuna KhyalAlomoni 1985
Limbus 4Kundalini
Stephen VitielloNot China
Guitar Solo Through Broken Speaker

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