Fabio's Set Lists for ug 20, 2000

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ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giantman
Six Organs of AdmittanceMantra of the Redefinition of Being, featuring Creation Aspects of Fire, Air & Water
Johnny Depp (as Hunter S. Thompson, from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas)Drug Score pt.1
Jimi HendrixVoodoo Chile (Slight Return)

CreviceSelf Title, excerpt
Johnny DeppGet Together (dialog, Fear & Loathing...)
HawkwindOrgone Accumulator
Dick ShawnLove Power
Volcano the BearExpert
Johnny Depp/Benicio del ToroDrug Score, pt. 2 (dialog, Fear & Loathing...)

Alejandro SalinasHome Tapes 10"
ReynolsWe are Still Thinking about the Title, pt.4
Pauline Oliveros (In the Arms of Reynols)We are Nothing More Thinking About the Title
Johnny Depp/del ToroWhite Rabbit (dialog, Fear & Loathing...)
SANDVulture II
Johnny DeppExpecting to Fly (dialog, Fear & Loathing...)
Mick FarrenMemphis Psychosis
Johnny DeppFlashbacks (dialog, Fear & Loathing...)

MimeoChair (pt.2)
Philip JeckVinyl Coda II (excerpt)
Pierre Andre ArcandEutectic, 5/5/94 live at Roulette, NYC
K. StockhausenSpirale (excerpt)

The Loop OrchestraOutsiders & Outcasts
C-Schulz/HajschUntitled #4
DzyanThe Road not Taken
Marcus SchmicklerXeletisio

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