Fabio's Set Lists for Aug 6, 2000

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ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giantman

Pierre HenryTam Tam I (from Concerto des Ambiguites 1950)
David ToopEmpty Mall
37th floor at Sunset
Brand New
Jean Schwartz Grillon (from "Erda" 1971)
Beatriz FerreyraCanto del Loco

Jean SchwartzBroadway (Surroundings 1978)
Sunroof Radioactivity

John Oswald WKND 58 (Walter Ruttmann, Weekend remix)
Boyd Rice Untitled Piece (Black Record)
StillupsteyppaHas (or has not) Happened
Jesus PenisRight On, Charlie!

Paul Demarinis Pathe Discs
Mitsuru TabataSleepers Concentration Camp Again
Barlow/Petersen/Wivinus A Map of the Sun
Pieters/Russell/StapletonVipers Widow
Thela Argentina (pt. 2)

Deuter Krishan Eating Fish and Chips
Martin Janicek Singing Plywood
Volcano the Bear Digging for Opera
N.U. Unruh www.the person I have called.de@
Ralph Lunstenla Grande Premiere
The MonkeesDaily, Nightly

E. Morricone
John ZorEdge Train
Trisectrix of Maclaurin (from Tears of Ecstasy)
Richard Thomas Echo Locator 2

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