Fabio's Set Lists for July 30, 2000

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ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giantman

Double LeopardsGreetings from Sedgley POrter House
Andreas Ammer/FM EinheitDantes Inferno (Canto V & VI)
Double LeopardsGlissando Harmonization of the Skeletal Remains of Stalin
Alice ColtraneJourney to Satchidananda
Andreas Ammer/FM EinheitCantos XVII & XXIV
Pandit Pran NathRaga Todi (ragas of morning and Night)

Volcano the BearBefore I was After'd
Sounds of North American Frogs
(Smithsonian Folkways Archives)
Florida Gopher Frog and Barking Tree Frog
Shalabi EffectVicious Triangle
Volcano the BearReahs Mort
Arc Felt

Nurse with Wound(I Dont Want to Have) easy Listening Nightmares
Yma SumacJivaro
Jack Smith Love is Strange
Martin DennyJungle Madness
Les Baxter w/Bas Sheva"Lust"
Jack SmithThe Horrors of Agony (mix with M. Denny)
Christian Marclay"Martin Denny"

Ash Ra Temple Time (1st part)
VibracathedralOrchestra Caked
Ash Ra TempleTime (end part)
Popol VuhVenus Principle (OST "Nosferatu")

Ralph LundstenMirror Cabinet
Gilberto GilFuturivel
Death AmbientSchizoid
Sowing Death
Rafael ToralCyclorama Lift 3 (excerpt)
Ralph Lundsten Finale Fantastico

Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood Lady Friend
Yves HyattPath to Ascension

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