Fabio's Set Lists for July 9, 2000

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Peter Frampton Iím In You (altered)
Spontaneous Music Orchestra Sustained Piece (Instrumental)
Wendy Carlos Titles (OST A Clockwork Orange)
Can Bel Air

Willem De Ridder & Hafler Trio Report
Ralph Lunsten The Coronation
Rollins New Eyes
R. Lundsten The Rag Wedding & The Death of Erik XIV
Q.R. Ghazala Silence the Tongues of Prophecy
Clara Clamp September

Asmus Tietchen Teilmenge 1
Ghost Orchid Prometheus Passademus of Unknown Origin
RH Band 8-20-88 (excerpt)
Ghost Orchid Death Machine
N.U. Unruh Exabrupto
Heim Frequenz
The Dark Halo of Emphased data Recording
Triacs von Trier
Piero Umiliani Officina Stellare

Sly & Family Stone If you Want Me to Stay
Africa Paint it Black
Pharoah Sanders Red, Black & Green
Noel Akchote & Derek Bailey Society of Authors and ...

Jack Smith The Great Mouldy Triumph
Angus Maclise Shortwave India
Jack Smith Cold Starry Nights
Angus Maclise Blastitude
Destroy All Monsters Barnyard

Hermann Nitsch SATZ #4 (Komposition fur Orgel in 5 Satzen)

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