Fabio's Set Lists for June 18, 2000

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ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Gyuto Monks Tantric Chants (2 mixed)
Sun Ra Strange Strings

Oval Untitled (from Oval process)
Roland Kayn Decollage
Ron Geesin Electric Barbed Wire (from KPM ElectroSounds)

Seiji Nagai Electronic Noise Improve pt. 1
Jimi Hendrix speaks (bootleg cassette)
Poetics Endless Revenge
Deviants The Nothing Man
Poetics Silver Oranges of the Moon

Makigami Koichi/Anton Bruhin Tokujo
Les Baxter Simba
Eden Ahbez The Old Boat
Les Baxter Sunken City
Dewey Redman Tarik

Philip Jeck 1986, Frank Was 70 Years old
Asmus Tietchens Teilmenge 1a
Bloggs Cassette
Eric Peters Electrofear
Ralph Lunsten Mirror Cabinet;
The Sack Murder
The Mind Expanders A Night on Bald Mountain
Pascal Comlade Mouvement decompose dun coup de Marteau

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