Fabio's Set Lists for May 21, 2000

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Brother JT The Descent
Clark-Hutchinson Impromptu in E Minor

Masstishaddhu Shekinah (pt.2)
Mike Patton Vivande in Scodella
Friedrich Jurgenson Problems, Can You Hear
Furious Pig The King Mother
F. Jurgenson My Name is Van Gogh, the Poor

Rev. Dwight Frizzell First Painting
Hazard Cut out Replay
Bloggs Steppe (process)

Edward Artemiev Dream (OST Solaris)
G. Ligeti Lux Aeterna
Dubravko Detoni Fable
Donald Miller Trio Here Below

Ambarchi/Fennesz/Pimmon/Rehberg/Rowe Untitled

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