Fabio's Set Lists for May 14, 2000

The 8-Track Special
Live, In-studio guests:
  • Scott Konzleman (Chop Shop),
  • Lary Seven (Plastikville, Ensemble of Seven),
  • Ken Montgomery (aka GenKen, Generator),
  • Russ Forster (8-track Mind magazine)
This show was all about 8-tracks, only 8-track carts were aired during this show. The in-studio panel of 8-track experts discussed, demonstrated, argued and played a variety of 8-track tapes and topics.
Lary Seven demonstrated how a Quad version of Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" sounds much more interesting in mono.
Russ discussed the end of 8-track Mind magazine;
on-air phone calls were taken, and an ongoing parade of vintage and new 8-tracks were played.
(this show will be archived soon for anyone interested).

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