Fabio's Set Lists for May 7, 2000

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
The Who So Sad
Aretha Franklin I Say A Little Prayer
Chet Baker Almost Blue
Robert Wyatt At Last I am Free
Scott Walker Montague Terrace (in Blue)
Dusty Springfield I Just Donít Know What to Do With Myself

Spontaneous Music Ensemble Peace Music
Terry Riley Poppy Nogood & the Phantom Band, Purple Modal Strobe Ecstasy With the Daughters of Destruction

Dean Roberts The Cold Clear Surface
White Winged Moth Ribbon Bow
Stilluppsteypa Unpredictable Drunkeness of the Elves
Michael Snow Amitabha Chenden Kala (The Last L.P.)

Skuli Sverrisson/Hilmar Jensen KJAR (pt.IV)
Morton Subotnick Touch (pt.II)
Raymond Scott Nescafe
Impostor Orchestra (Jimi Tenor) Secrets Will Remain
Morphogenesis Occult Necessity

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