Fabio's Set Lists for April 16, 2000

Terrence McKenna Memorial tribute (Part 2)
ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Krzysztof Penderecki Anaklasis
Eduard Artemiev OST- Stalker (excerpts)
Luc Ferrari Danses Organique (pt.4)
Giancinto Scelsi I Presagi (pt. 2, 1958)

Buddy Satan Out of Nowhere
Pascal Comlade Besame Mucho
Diane Labrosse Eloquence; Passion; Absolu
Raymond Scott Donít Beat Your Wife Every Night
Climax Golden Twins Novelty Accompaniment (10")

Rebroadcast of interview with Terrence McKenna, originally aired in Spring of 1994, co-interviewed with Rusty Hoover (second half)

Jimi Tenor (Impostor Orchestra) < Heliopause
This Heat 24 Track Loop
Impostor Orch. Interstellar Panspermia
Raymond Scott Bufferin Memories
Jimi Tenor Programma Futurista
Cromagnon Caledonia

Fetus Anafase

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