Fabio's Set Lists for Apr 2, 2000

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Sonny Sharrock Portrait of Linda in 3 Colors, All Black
Magical Power Mako excerpt from "#5" (Mom-n- Dad release)
July the Way
Masaki Batoh Benthos

Pierre Henry Le Temple est La
Pierre Andre Arcand (#6) Lse-tu Chse pas Quoi Tiens Donc
Charlemagne Palestine/Panasonic Mort Aux Vaches
Eno Here Come the Warm Jets

Faust A Seventies Event
Toho Sara Eastern Most #7
Morphogenesis Collateral Energy
EAR Beyond the Pale

Sound of One Hand Clapping Edgar Varese
Davis Redford Triad Smoke Signals in the Rain
GenKen Montgomery Public Hearing

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