Fabio's Set Lists for Feb 13, 2000

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Alchemysts & Simeon HiFi for you to Go
Harmony Rockets Paralyzed Mind

Dusty Sprinfield Just A Little Loviní
Issac Hayes Ikeís Rap V
Al Green Iím So Tired of Being Alone
Roy Harper Sheís the One
Nick Drake Place To Be
Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (1968)

Volker Straub Suarogate
Neil Campbell/Decaer Pinga Strobelights to Boston
Anthony Moore Todays Psalters
Robert Ashley How Could I tell the Difference (Vers. I)

Volcano the Bear Egg Knowledge
Okay Temiz Savsat Bari
Steve Heimbecker Tic Talk #1
Disc Untitled #5 & #6
Luc Ferrari Tete et Queu du Dragon

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