Fabio's Set Lists for Jan 23, 2000

ArtistSong, etc.
James LastMr. Giant Man
Raymakers #4 from CBC radio aircheck, private recording, early 1960ís
Donna does Denise "On Her Magic Carpet" 1974
Mary Mayo/Dick Hyman Space Reflex
Morton Subotnick Touch (excerpt, pt. 1)
101 Strings Trippin on Lunar 07 (from Astro Sounds from Beyond the< Year 2000)
Kid Baltan/Tom Dissvelt The Visitor from Inner Space (Vibration)
Mary Mayo/Dick Hyman Moon Gas

Panasonic GRAF
Suicide Frankie Teardrop
Egnekn Sound of Lamination
Twink Psychedelic Electrician (scene 1)
V. Ussachevsky piece for tape recorder, 1956
Climax Golden Twins Live, Vol.2, 10" record

"Stone" OST
Yoko Ono Don't Worry Kyoko
"Stone" The Death of Doctor Death
Robert Rutman "Buzz Off" (Die Stadt 7")

Pete Terrace "Get" (from Mambo Jazz)

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