Rhubarb Cake, 12/16/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

sell everything you have for one more taste of your youth

background music: Kit Clayton: Nek Sanalet

The Magnetic Fields: If I Were A Rich Man
   sung with actual bitterness

The DeZurik Sisters: The Arizona Yodeler
   some kind of sororal parlor trick, quick and chipper
Godchildren Of Soul: Rockaway Beach
   reinterpreted as "beach music" in the Northern soul sense
Mr. T Experience: End Of The Ramones
   launching a web site two years after they broke up; sour grapes
Snuff: Time Dub
   a very brief segue of grrr into thub
Jacob Miller: Baby I Love You So
   suspended in a dub-web, he means something real, if not the words
Augustus Pablo: King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown Version
   same beat, different mix, hauled into eternity by melodica

reading: John Darnielle: "A Small Place"
   genius article from Last Plane To Jakarta--22-min. mic break!

Zaza: Norn Mai Lup
   the subject of the article, sticky gooey Thai bubblegum
Martha Wainwright: The Name Of The Game
   an illustrative example of "pop" in the Darniellian sense
Utopia: Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
   although even its best practitioners can sneer at the ideal
Essential Logic: Music Is A Better Noise
   though some don't; this is the theme song for my entire life

Bembeya Jazz National: Telephone
   whatever it is, they sound happy about it
Scott Johnson: John Somebody, pt. 1
   speech calcified and made into a mold for MIDI
Bow Wow Wow: (I'm A) TV Savage
   picking up on those rhythms and flipping off technology
Sir Richard Bishop: Burning Caravan
   a sparkling-water take on the same guitar tone
Gastr Del Sol: The Bells Of St. Mary's
   and sometimes water sparkles only after it's turned to snow

Statuesque: Ton Of Feathers, Ton Of Steel
   the words are coded, the tune spells it all out
Blacklight Braille: The Song Of The Streets Of Yesterday
   is there such a thing as retro a cappella goth?
Marva Whitney: Daddy Don't Know About Sugar Bear
   my personal favorite soul singer cheerfully sneaking around
Sheila Chandra and the Ganges Orchestra: AHomeGrownDrone
   no audible Chandra, just a huge electric buzz
Huon: Just Not True
   David Nichols acclimates himself to the drone dream

James Kelly Duhon: Heart Breaker (Child Maker)
   family hatefulness, sixties southern soul style
Lol Coxhill/Phil Minton/Noel Akchoté: The Christmas Song
   family hatefulness, sarcastic Euro improv style
James Brown: Mom & Dad
   family hatefulness, ungentle reminder from godfather style
Danielle Howle and the Tantrums: Feel So Bad For You
   sitting back from the fight, trying to look away, being saddened
Lazy Lester: I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
   the single thing most likely to get him hit
Aoa: New Free
   how long can I play Eye every week? as long as he makes great new records

Sam Rivers Trio: Hues of Melanin
   as with the Zapruder film, somebody just happened to be rolling tape

Stereolab: The Super-It
   their new sophisto major-sevenths and treble bloops style
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone: A Normal Suburban Lifestyle Is A Near
Impossibility Once You've Fallen In Love With An International Spy
   spelling it all out, very cheaply
Destroyer: The Temple
   prophets' failure is that they assume people understand them
Coyle & Sharp: Cake For Pronoun
   don't be silly, he doesn't have to shoot you now

The B's: Black Box Disco
   wow--thanks for the referral, Monica

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