Rhubarb Cake, 12/9/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

concrete fruitcake

background music: Thurston Moore & Nels Cline: In-Store

Kisswhistle: Verhanukkah
   best Chanukah song I've heard in forever, courtesy Elvis Costello...

Albert Ammons: Bass Goin' Crazy
   deliriously happy boogie-woogie
Koota Tanimura: Junior High School In Salt
   delirious piano bapping
Slave Pianos: Sinclair
   where is that high, insistent piano note from?
The Soup Dragons: Head Gone Astray
   this is exactly where--the melody, too
'O' Level: We're Not Sorry
   one of the crown jewels of British D.I.Y.

reading: John Barth: Glossolalia
   never made any sense to me until I read it out loud

Book Of Love: Chatterbox Pt. 2 (Late Night Chat Mix)
   overflowing with words, unable to make its meaning clear
James Brown: Sex Machine Today, pts. 1 and 2
   he's already repeated them so many times they've lost meaning
Matmos with Björk: Alarm Call (Speech Therapy Mix)
   scrambling her phonemes in search of new words
Dub Narcotic Sound System: Respirator Version
   language fails, lungs fail, dub is eternal
Electric Company: Second Serve
   ...except when dub falls into electronic collapse too

Luscious Curtis and Willie Ford: Times Is Gettin' Hard
   they sound very happy about hating their lives
Warren Smith: Black Jack David
   more undue cheer for a very old grim story
Andrew King: Ninety And Nine
   another old, old song, freshened up by youth and melodica
Graham Central Station: Tell Me What It Is
   dancing worshipfully around the golden pulsing drum machine

The Glands of External Secretion: Run To Me
   teenage Barbara Manning and sister sing the Bee Gees
Bastro: Recidivist
   myths of Ireland tied to a rocket and fired into the stratosphere
Waterson:Carthy: Rowling Hornpipe/Our Cat Has Kitted/Bleaton
Gardens/Sportsman's Hornpipe
   slamming their feet on the floor for an amped-up 3/2 set
Laub: Grau Remixed by Pole
   abstracting the not-terribly-concrete-in-the-first-place
Pop-Off Tuesday: Wafflehead
   but the bits can be sucked back together with that drum machine again

Syl Johnson: Is It Because I'm Black?
   the distinct odor of heat-smoke from rage, slowly diffusing
The Lilys: Overlit Canyon (The Obscured Wingtip Memoir)
   a diffuse bird of smoke floats over it
Erik M: Zygosis 3
   individual curls of mist and vapor and the occasional hailstone
Slaughterhouse Quartet: 3
   Finnish blurtprov group hits a grove and pounds at it
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments: Outside My Scene
   ka-thud elevated by its coruscating guitar harmonics
Judas Iscariot: The Wind Stands Silent
   a nice riff slammed out double-bass-drum style, plus Popeye singing

Boredoms: untitled live piece signified by hourglass shape
   they took over the world while you weren't watching

Salem 66: Thaw
   as underappreciated as any band that was ever around that long
Manu Dibango: African Battle
   hand percussion as pyrotechnic lead instrument
Red Monkey: Activity Book
   are they sneering or begging or both?
Cusp: Uranium
   an extended binary phrase on infinite repeat parallel timeout mode
John Wall: Belief Not
   slow, gracious gestures, made entirely from micro-samples

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