Rhubarb Cake, 12/2/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

the latte wars

background music: If, Bwana: Clara Nostra

reading: Piet Hein: "Majority Rule"

McCarthy: I'm On The Side Of Mankind As Much As The Next Man
   dedicated to the WTO
The Ex + Tom Cora: Everything & Me
   see above; they rocked stiffly Friday night
Fugazi: Merchandise
   see above x 2; this was the second song they played
ABC: How To Be A Zillionaire!
   see above
Quentin Crisp: Stop The Music For A Minute
   he wouldn't have wanted a moment of silence, just cutting out the racket

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick: The Begging Song
   dedicated to the WTO; Carthy was amazing at the Bottom Line Wednesday
Silver Jews: Welcome To The House Of The Bats
   it probably seemed amusing when they taped it, and it still is
Lamb: Ear Parcel
   point A to point ginger-basted microscope, beat-wise
Muslimgauze: Uzi Mahmood 7
   breakbeats on tuned hand percussion
DJ Kazimir: Dear Prudence
   if only I'd known about this last week--this song always wanted breaks

reading: David Plotz: "Hsing-Hsing: Blah-Blah"

Paul Bowles: The Circular Valley
   was the woman ever that real to him?
Sister George: Janey's Bloc
   backhanding the eulogy, a very bitter song about Jane Bowles' career
Weird Paul: Acting Like Mel Tormé
   the strangest things get stuck in my head for days
Parker Paul: 18 Feet
   quasi-Oedipal chaos, vegetarian guilt, Randy Newman-esque Latin piano
Tim Buckley: Buzzin' Fly (Take 9)
   but some things just make the guilt float away

Rakim: It's A Must
   featuring an absolutely extraordinary bit of showoffery from Rahzel
!!!: Instinct
   incredible new jam from "the male ESG"--Ken guessed this was from '81
ESG: Moody
   "the female ESG," just for reference; hooray for reference
Zounds: Can't Cheat Karma
   keeping the beat going; dedicated to the WTO

Splinks: Calera Galeras
   Jaap Blonk and friends pretend they're not really playing a song
The Receptionists: The Chills
   that sweet sawing violin! those adorable flirting words!
John Corbett and Heavy Friends: Speed Bump
   starting out in the same gooey floorboards, revving up to art
DJ Sasha Crnobrnja: Ill-Fitting Tunic
   digital approximation of handicrafts
Jim O'Rourke: The Workplace
   dense Frogsy-evil approximation of light jazzy pop

Rob Crow recorded live in session (engineer: Gil Shuster):
   Jackie Chan Is No Longer A Punk Rocker
   Song For Wesley
   as-yet-untitled song
   as-yet-unfinished song
   Sasquatch's Lament

Linda Smith: Gorgeous Weather
   the confusion of days cooling down
Aki Tsuyoko: Umi No Hanashi (Micro Version)
   Nobukazu Takemura's vocalist with her own crystal liquid synths
Robert Wyatt: N.I.O. (New Information Order)
   dedicated to the WTO; the same electro tone stream...
Inlantic: Carlotta
   ...keeps flowing over rapids of percussion
The Meters: Thinking
   here, the bumps and stone surfaces are all there are

Bob Cobbing: Alphabet Of Fishes
   agéd London poet whose voice does half the work
Sonny Murray: The Lie
   reminds me of Cobbing's group Birdyak, in a strange way
Masada: Nevuah
   Greg Cohen: "I felt like a squirrel dragged behind a Mack truck"

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