Rhubarb Cake, 11/18/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

Gnome invaders

background music: Raymond Scott: The Playful Drummer

reading: Christopher Cooper, "The Gnome Invasion"

Uri Caine Ensemble: The Drummer Boy
   extreme jazz Mahler
Mary Wells: Laughing Boy
   as extreme in its own restrained, teenagery way

King Of The Slums: Joy (Skunkweed)
   the curling smoke feels like dub, but it's just the violin
Gl*xo Babies: Christine Keeler
   the sneer and leer behind the governmental good times
Boredoms: 7
   from the new album; actual title is an upward-pointing arrow
Jerry Douglas: We Hide And Seek
   feedback tripped up Alison Krauss's band playing this the other night

Roy Montgomery: Just Melancholy
   so heavy and so light, could only have been recorded in a tiny room
Otomo Yoshihide: Modulation #2
   sine waves like razor beams, acoustic guitar like wool armor
The Mountain Goats: Tollund Man
   best song ever written about ancient Danish ritual suicide

Stephen Burt, reading from his book Popular Music:
   Persephone Unplugged
[two requests from Stephen:
Game Theory: Where You Going Northern
Crayon: Western Flyer]
   Ocean State
   A Sudden Rain In The Green Mountains

The Electric Chairs: So Many Ways
   flying lizards hanging from the ceiling
Bob Starker: Thug Parade
   saxophone legions coming through the window
Bablicon: Silicon Diode
   stray orchestrations puddling on the floor
Cecil Taylor: Looking (Berlin Version), section 5
   a piano gets hoisted up and cleans the room
Paul Gayten: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
   and then it parties with all its friends and neighbors

Steffan Mossenmark: Wroom (Escort Remix)
   remix of a concerto for 100 Harley-Davidsons
Various Artists: 8.5 (Ae remix 2)
   remix that is to its source as papier-maché is to reportage
The Clash: Mensforth Hill
   more like a burning ball of newspaper
Andy Haas & Makigami Koichi: Green Ant Song
   and then the flames form a fire golem
Ui: Run, Pietro
   and these are the tracks it leaves in the peat

Physics (recorded live in the WFMU studio by engineer Gil Shuster):
   Level 4

The Traits: Nobody Loves The Hulk
   perfectly serious garage-rock about a Marvel Pop Art Production
The Jack Brothers: Africa
   Coltrane via Gary Glitter--I must find this album
Plone: Bibi Plone
   analog synths hooting around each other
Rafael Toral: Little Stars
   individual guitar strings twinkling similarly

Red Stripe Ebony Steelband: Yesterday
   just a little preview of the idea behind next week

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