Rhubarb Cake, 11/11/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

Traitors of foreign wars

background music: S.E.T.I.: Above Black

reading from Rebecca West, The New Meaning Of Treason

Thingy: Big Dumb Animal
   Rob Crow boils it all down to a few sad quiet lines
Pita: Get Out 3
   like an orchestra strained through a space-warp
Gordons: Future Shock
   hammering four notes through an invisible wall

The White Shark: This Is Emergency
   the sixth sick synth's sixth shark's sick
Edwin Starr: Stop The War Now
   "enough wool's been sheared by the stupid and the weird"--Raw Sex Pure
Dieselhed: Wipe Down The Vinyl
   trying to see the light side: Thai food!
Jack Brothers: India
   swinging glam-punk takes on Coltrane, everybody wins

Blossom Toes: When The Alarm Clock Rings
   when they wake, they're still in a dream
Etienne Charry: Rayé du Bottin
   and 30 years later the dream might blur and electronify into this
Electronic: Radiation
   guitars that act like sequencers and vice versa
Jodi: The Congress
   guitars that act like mumbled philosophical meditations and vice versa

Misha Mengelberg/Ab Baars/Thomas Heberer: set 1, recorded live at Tonic
11/10/99 by engineer Jerry Fabris

The Flames: Stand Up And Be Counted
   psychedelic identity-politics funk on People; note: not "Famous"
Charles Brown Superstar: Beestung Remix
   always makes me think the singer is a shamaness, chanting backwards
Raoul Hausmann: Soundreel
   and for all I know these actually are backwards incantations
Guided By Voices: Gold Star For Robot Boy
   melody first, meaning and everything else way behind

Leadfoot: Redline
Louis Prima & Keely Smith: Basta
   yes yes, that's very nice, now enough already
Yximalloo: July Sky
   so... this is what you call a "sky," huh?
The Handsome Family: Drunk By Noon
   possibly the grimmest country song ever written

Misha Mengelberg/Ab Baars/Thomas Heberer: set 2, recorded live at Tonic
11/10/99 by engineer Jerry Fabris

I.K. Dairo, MBE & the Blue Spots: Omo Lanke
   the origins of Afropop, on whatever equipment they could scrounge
DJ Scud: Jungle Warrior
   in the sense of swinging a machete at anything that moves
Dubreq: 1
   the thickets in Scotland are not nearly so dense
The Mekons: I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own)
   but some Brits have machetes of their own to swing
Pete Townshend: Call Me Lightning
   grinding an axe so quietly it sounded like a feather

Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band: Veteran's Day Poppy
   an endlessly chewy poppy-seed bagel of a song

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