Rhubarb Cake, 10/28/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas


background music: Jliat: A long drone-like piece of music made with
synthesizers, samplers and digital delays which attempts in its minimalism
to be a thing in itself without external reference, having an analogue
in certain states of consciousness where being is experienced also as a
thing in itself and not      contingent on meaning or purpose
   yes, that actually is the title

reading: from Lee Siegel, Love In A Dead Language

Pet Shop Boys: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
   Neil Tennant's way of being serious is to mock himself
The Cannanes: Simple Question
   the CD version: they quietly ask each other to say the words
The Chills: Wet Blanket
   knowing how annoying your sincerity can be is useful
The Static: My Relationship
   Glenn Branca's early band: the burned crust of a love song

Ninety-Nine: Dorsal
   from one Sleater-Kinney drummer...
American Analog Set: I Must Soon Quit The Scene
   shares 99's drifty marimba groping
Major Force/Trouble Funk: Pump Me Up
   remixing go-go into wander-meander
Mary Timony: Aging Astronauts II
   boy was she great at the Knitting Factory the other night
Quasi: California
   ...to another (and they were great there too)

The Missing Brazilians: Gentle Killers
   "sing us a song," the drum machine said, arcing menacingly
Derrick Harriott: Do I Worry
   a little lilting concern can be attractive
Scotty: I Worry
   but it can be versioned into something nearly oppressive
Gal: Vazra--Urdu
   dub reduced to the mangling of pure language
MC Lyte: Paper Thin
   hip-hop tip-tap as bitter as the taste of concrete

Mabel Mercer: Experiment
   Margaret Dumont soundalike encourages some sexual variety
Dolly Parton: If I Lose My Mind
   of course, experimentation isn't for everybody
Strawberry Switchblade: Jolene
   another Dolly-written song, bounced on by new wave and holding up well
Honey Cone: Don't Count Your Chickens (Before They Hatch)
   H-D-H do a mean impression of post-H-D-H Motown, Jackson 5 style

Golden Dawn: Per Asper Ad Astra
   heavily orchestrated, grand-scale metal
Cobra Killer: Try It
   two shrieking women, some tape and a razor blade: rocks
Snuff: Cubical
   a punk-rock cover of 808 State's techno anthem "Cubik"
The McTells: Alice
   pop Scots hit the riff and see no reason to stop cranking on it

Susie Ibarra Trio: Dreams II
   dunno what instrument Cooper-Moore's playing, but I want one
The Steps: Indahnja Alom
   Indonesian mellow-surf-instrumental fun
Desmond Simmons: By Air Or By Sea
   accompanied by Dome, he sings like he has no idea where he is
Mute Beat: Dub No. Five
   a live Japanese dub version of "Take Five"... in 4/4 time. yikes!
Freshly Wrapped Candies: Cherry Tomato
   there is something weirdly evil here--maybe the non-harmonies?
Broadcast: Echo's Answer
   the Other Music newsletter described this better than I could

Warn Defever and his group (in session 10/25/99, engineer Irene Trudel):
   If You Had A Year To Live
   Were We To Dance
   This World Is Not My Home
   Heart Struck Sorrow
   Train Blues
   Bee Stings

Taylor and Thee Headcoatees: Meet Jacqueline
   they adapt themselves awfully well from the big beat to Big Beat
The Mighty Imperials: Toothpick
   please, somebody, prove to me that this isn't a Meters outtake
Malcolm McLaren: II Be Or Not II Be
   Hamlet hip-hop, via everyone's favorite cultural imperialist
Mnemonists: The Horde
   tapes can be a horde too, you know
Jeremy Boyle: Kiss
   from fragments of their guitar solos, all texture and blur

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