Rhubarb Cake, 10/28/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

schizophrenia party

background music: Pachinko In Your Head: Non-Linear Music

reading from Ken Kalfus, Thirst

Joshua Fried: Second Cumbia from Headset Sextet
   the ultimate real-time sing-along
Le Tigre: Hot Topic
   name-dropping as art, edited judiciously
Cobra Killer: Six Secs
   best Digital Hardcore record in ages, unsettling abuse of soul
Ivor Cutler: Cockadoodledon't
   good morning to you too

Chicks On Speed: Mind Your Own Business
   can I reinterpret your lifestyle? a cover of the Delta 5 classic
Grenadine: This Girl
   remixed by Warn Defever, crumpling the words and polishing the rest
Lesley Gore: Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy
   ...so I could get closer to boys, is the idea. Serious gender dysphoria
Gerty Farish: The Magic Restoring Power Of Sleep
   a different kind of chirping

Lisa Fishman: four poems

Marta Sebestyén: Tavasz Tavasz
   slow twinkling computers and rusticisms
Men's Recovery Project: New Tubes
   fast prickling computers and choking on pieces of plastic
Hot Toasters: Milk
   the greatest and only noise/Styx hybrid
Jimmie Rodgers: Whippin' That Old T.B.
   optimism is sometimes the only thing that makes you yodel

Elastica: How He Wrote Elastica Man
   if you're ripping Mark Smith off, might as well get him to sing
The King Of Luxembourg: Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
   Captain Beefheart as smooth-listening composer
Mice Parade: Galileo
   the inversion of the equation: does abrasion orbit euphony?
Astor Piazolla: Unauthorized
   or is it the other way around? a Warn Defever remix

Monica Kendrick: two poems

The Homosexuals: Hearts In Exile
   "I think they were like into prog-rock," said my correspondent
Pest 5000: Too Skinny
   used to think this was about God: "Yahweh," "count to three"...
Boobie Knight & the Universal Lady: Somebody Touched Me (In The Right Place)
   and they wondered why this funk-thresher didn't chart
The Rondelles: Rediscover Fire
   coming at the garage come-on from a different angle
Speed The Plough: Bayswater Lane
   two floors above the garage, sweet domesticity
Bruce Haack: Jelly Dancers
   and in the next room little kids are having very weird dreams
Liliput: Die Matrosen
   who wrote the book of love? Swiss sculptors, that's who

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra: Jubilee Varia Suite, pt. 1
   Dutch jazz chessboxers duking it out politely

Marine Research (live acoustic in the studio, Jesse Cannon engineering):
   Hopefulness To Hopelessness
[record: Talulah Gosh: In Love For The Very First Time]

Heavenly: It Won't Be Long
   Amelia barely remembered this; Calvin had never seen it
Heavenly: So Little Deserve
   the best "will you break up with me already" song ever

Smudge: Divan
   with that unique Australian pre-Lemonheads pronounciation
Leon Thomas: Shape Your Mind To Die
   residual psychedelics in the head of soul-jazz
Arthur: Oyi Oyi
   the king of kweilo with his biggest hit, apparently

Calvin Johnson (live in the studio, Jesse Cannon engineering):
   Love Will Come Back Again
   Your Asterisk
   Milquetoast Brigade [a Go Team cover!]
   I'm A Lightning Rod For Jesus

Fleetwood Mac: Before The Beginning
   live in '69, when Peter Green's hallowed place was his guitar

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