Rhubarb Cake, 10/21/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

goin' back to mom and dad

background music: Charlemagne Palestine: Schlingen-Blängen

reading: Ryszard Kapuscinski: from The Emperor

Gétatchèw Kassa: Tezeta (fast)
   the soundtrack to the last years of the empire
The Halo Benders: Bikini Version
   same beat, empire invisible, beach blanket bodilessness
Charles Wright: Doin' What Cums Naturally
   post-Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band, homing in on the groove
Lucky Pierre: Communiqué
   the origins of The Fragile, brittle and loud

The Tiger Lillies: Killer
   a creepy Weimar-ish entertainment, with falsetto and accordion
The Monks: Oh, How To Do Now
   confusion conveyed via one simple rammed-out rhythm
Bad Livers: Goin' Back To Mom And Dad
   the bluegrass of human patheticness
Solex: Randy Costanza
   Elisabeth Esselink has completely new ideas about sampling-in-pop

Spyder Turner: Stand By Me
   Lansing soul hero, sorta, impersonating better singers convincingly
Beck: Strange Invitation
   I want to see this man in a tuxedo in front of an orchestra
Peter Blegvad & John Greaves: The Only Song
   if Beck were a conceptual artist
Don King: Street Of Dreams
   arch high-concept stumbles onto the funk

Fastbacks: Defy's Gravity
   the weirdest structure of a one-minute punk-pop whizz-bang I've heard
The Radiators From Space: Television Screen
   slicing all the fat off, and a little flesh, and maybe some bone
Joe Tex: Leaving You Dinner
   it takes a very big man to snicker at himself
This Heat: Rimp Romp Ramp
   punk made the world safe for prog-rock

Singers and Players: Bedward The Flying Preacher
   a cautionary tale, in dub--very deep dub
The Police: Truth Hits Everybody II
   not the Outlandos racer, the slurred-out revision from a few years later
Rondelles: The Upshot
   still writing better songs than they can play--!
The Lickers: 2
   from a very mysterious, essentially unlabeled instrumental CD

Girls At Our Best!: Politics
   dedicated to Elizabeth Dole
Al Reed: Sorry About That
   as in "I'm sorry you can't deal with the way I just am"
The Golden Dawn: Let's Build A Dyson Sphere
   this is meant to be a come-on, and essentially is
Soft Pleasing Light: Ad Infinitum
   six minutes of this downstrum vibe, and I wish it was sixty
Davey Graham: Blue Monk
   the loneliest monk expressed via trad Brit folk-guitar

R. Stevie Moore: Academy Fight Song
   whatever Clint Conley was feeling, he's feeling it too, maybe mo(o)re
Viv Goldman: Launderette
   she's feeling it too, as are her Raincoaty and PiLly friends

Ida recorded live in session (Jerry Fabris, engineer)
   Down On Your Back
   Maybelle [inspired by "Are You Tired Of Me My Darling"--!]
   Be Careful
   Don't Get Sad
   This Water
   Post Prom Disorder
   Are You Tired Of Me My Darling [a Carter Family cover]
   The Pain Of Loving You [a Dolly Parton/Trio cover]
   The Great South River

New Order: Video 5-8-6
   give the machines the vocabulary and let them tell the story
Ida: Boots Of Spanish Leather
   a studio recording--because just a little more was necessary

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