Rhubarb Cake, 10/14/99, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

train out of it

background music: Pauline Oliveros: We Are Still Thinking About The Title (1)

reading: Kenneth Koch, "One Train May Hide Another"

Captain Beefheart: Click Clack
   the blues were never far from him
Moonshake: Two Trains
   Beefheart's lyrics are never far from her
Brenda Fassie: Vuli Ndlela
   another indestructible beat
Graeme Downes: Rock 'N' Roll Hero
   Verlaines guy's weathered the years and production storms nicely

Elastica: Nothing Stays The Same
   see below
Wire: Kidney Bingos (live)
   see above
Steven Dirkx: Mother Of The Sky
   a new plunderphonic approach to the inexhaustible Beatles
Giustino di Gregorio: Monadia Elegiaca Sgattaiolante
   the same, applied to the inexhaustible wall of hits by everybody
The Human Switchboard: Where The Light Breaks
   by request; worked out nicely, I think

Hank Ballard & the Midnighters: The Hoochie Coochie Coo
   come on: it's supposed to sound dirty, in many senses
The Wedding Present: Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
   of course, some people get offended when anyone else gets lucky
G.D. Luxxe: Red
   most of those people retreat to Joy Division records, or imitate them
The Weeds: Wheatfields
   like a noise band's idea of pop songwriting

Ultramarine: Happy Land
   Robert Wyatt sings; may be about the disco that burned down
Henry Cow: Linguaphonie
   Wyatt's biggest fans invent, parse and explode a language
Roger Miller: Kalgastak
   but he only speaks the language of his own dreams
Velvet Cactus Society: Tin-Lipped Donkeys Fare Poorly In Electrical Storms
   somebody has to deflate pretentious people, even talented ones

Liquid Liquid: Bellhead II
   recorded live, with a faultless sense of xylophonedom
Banda Gbambiya: Abura da Kangbo
   some people's xylophones are even better, like the Ouham-Pendé's
Faultline: Control
   and some people only use xylophones as decoration for dance beats
The Mills Brothers with Duke Ellington & his Orchestra: Diga Diga Doo
   and some people just never needed xylophones at all

World Of Pooh: Stones Of Judgment
   by request: Barbara Manning reflects, band tears at her reflection
Vomit Launch: Every Pretty Girl
   tearing at another Manning reflection, not realizing what's reflected
Norma Jean: Sorceror
   Chic, really, letting their singer pretend to take the credit
Hi-Sheriffs Of Blue: 19*80*Now!
   exactly like the Blues Explosion, 15 years earlier. EXACTLY.

Louis Jordan: Saturday Night Fish Fry
   he knew how to make fun sound like serious business
Twig: Fall Of Love
   a very dense band with light frothy harmonies on top
You Are My Flower: Freight Train
   entertaining an audience of one very little sleepy person

Sarah Dougher recorded live in session (Irene Trudel, engineer):
   Girl In New Orleans
   Day One
   New Carissa
   Art Lover
   Secret Porno Collector
   The Walls Ablaze
   Everywhere West
   The Old Way
   The Day Bella Abzug Died

Ui: Match My Foot
   abstract patterns connected with big thick black lines
Fennesz: Blok M
   the strength of strings disconnected and scattered
Billy Pigg: Archie's Fancy/Holey Ha'Penny
   the greatest of Northumbrian pipers, I hear, and it sounds like it
Nino Tempo & April Stevens: I Love How You Love Me
   that bagpipe whine hijacked as pop hook

Danny Cohen: The Thin White Line
   disturbed people gravitate to the Beatles
King Tubby: Dub The Right Way
   which means disturbing the gravity of the mix
J.J. Jackson: Down, But Not Out
   gravitational soul disturbance
Charles Ives: They Are There!
   disturbed gravitas, nearly hysterical with momentum

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