Rhubarb Cake, 10/8/01, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

what's vocalese for "anagram"?

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Takagi Masakatsu: Pia

The Tape-beatles: America Is Confident
   I've been playing The Grand Delusion a lot lately
Brian Eno & David Byrne: America Is Waiting
   "no no no no, we oughtta get mad at the government, not mad at the people"
Fugazi: Full Disclosure
Ornette Coleman: Trouble in the East
   from Crisis, the cover of which depicts the Bill of Rights going up in flames

Charley Patton: High Water Everywhere, parts 1 & 2
   it takes a worried man to sing a worried song
Trumans Water: Rations
   "dirty rations lying on the floor," cf. the obvious
Margo Guryan: The Hum
   fantastic wry little tune about Watergate
Ofo the Black Company: Allah Wakbarr
   from that freakin' amazing Lagos '70s comp

Brigette Fontaine: Y'a des Zazous
   she's holding up pretty well these days, I have to say
Solex: Low Kick and Hard Bop
Strangulated Beatoffs: That'll Be 200 Dollars, Ma'am
Jandek: Killer Cats in the Caribbean
Lu: Mood Elevator
   nobody's ever really investigated the possibility of a Jandek dance remix album, but I think it's about time
Kebekelektric: Magic Fly
   '78 disco that's more than a little Plonelike

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Bang
   that's one hell of a riff you've got there
Rufus Thomas: Funky Robot, pt. 1
Matthew Shipp: Select Mode #2
   from his forthcoming heavily-electronic-dance-influenced album

The Velvet Underground: Follow the Leader
   bizarre 17-minute dance jam from forthcoming live '69 set
Kinski: Newport
   by listener request

Bananarama: No Feelings
   yes, Bananarama sings the Sex Pistols!
Lung Leg: Maid to Minx
The Dismemberment Plan: Superpowers
Greenpot Bluepot: National Post-College Anthem/Memorabilia of Pedophilia
   really really great homemade voice-and-keyboard LP

Rob Hubbard: BMX Kidz Title Tune
Vienna Art Orchestra: Reflections on Gnossienne #1
The Handsome Family: So Long
   their most depressing song ever, ergo THE most depressing song ever

The Shaggs: Who Are Parents
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282: Who Are Parents
Kilopop!: Who Are Parents
Jima: Who Are Parents
Danielson Famile: Who Are Parents
   get the feeling somebody's acting in loco parentis these days?

Ninian Hawick: Scottish Rite Temple Stomp
   my kiltmaker called and requested it, honest
Koola Lobitos: Highlife Time
   Fela sings a chipper little good-time tune
ABBA: Honey Honey
   strong candidate for happiest song of its happy decade
Jackson 5: I'll Bet You
   also in the "inapposite covers" race--Michael sings Parliament!
Warsaw: Leaders of Men

Graeme Downes: Rock 'n' Roll Hero
OOIOO: Open Your Eyes You Can Fly
Betty Davis: Anti Love Song

Reading: Bruce Sterling: What Next?

Boredoms: 7 7 7 7 7
   EYE turns it inside up on Rebore vol. 0

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