Rhubarb Cake, 5/17/01, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

practical whimsy

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Peter Warren & Matt Somalis: Bowed Metal Music

Hal Russell's Chemical Feast: March of the Cellulite Goddesses
   march spelled sideways is Mars and sideways and backwards is Sram

Mr. Burns: When I'm Asleep
   astoundingly, predates the Simpsons by a decade
Herbert: You Saw It All
Timmy Thomas: Why Can't We Live Together
   praximum toy
Beathoven: Well Do You Punk?
   if your collection is big enough you don't need punctuation
John Zorn: Train to Theinsan
   love the easy-listening, wish he'd abandon the bondage stuff

Charlie Ace & Lee Perry: Cow Thief Skank
   possibly the weirdest reggae record ever
Magazine: I Love You, You Big Dummy
   Peel session version: now radio-playable!
Oval: Commers 1
   he calls it his "rock record," and is wrong
The Three Peeps: Mr. Spaceman
   I hope they get home all right
The Chills: I Saw Your Silhouette
   his young reaction to a crush was to write THREE songs about it

Yvonne Fair: Say Yeah Yeah
   hollering over the hairline fracture
Fragments: Nutbush City Limits
   what if you splinter soul all the way?
Perry Haines: What's Funk
   only wish he knew
The J.B.'s: Crossover
   only wish it were--actually "We Want To Parrty Parrty Parrty" redubbed
David S. Ware: 5th Dimensional
   for that extra saxophone frisson

Totem Pole of Losers: My Compromise
   a love poem or a waffle jingle? dilemma!
Plagal Grind: Midnight Blue Vision
   by request, and a fine one it was too
Toys Went Berserk: Brand-New-Life
   okay, I inserted the hyphens; they inserted the rock
Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys: Don't Neglect Yourself
   not quite Minutemen, but aiming there
Boyracer: West Riding House
   abruptly celebrating the reconvening

The The: Controversial Subject
   everything sounds like Gilbert & Lewis
Los Zafiros: Mirame Fijo
   link arms and stroll
Joe Tex: Looking For My Pig
Rah Bras: Dead Bass Thing
The Tentacles: The Touch
   garage to a first approximation, or so

The Slits: A Boring Life
Charley Patton: Mississippi Boweavil Blues
   one repetitive curly thing
The Strokes: NYC Cops
   live on Terre T.'s show!
Salem 66: Pony Song
   whatever happened to them, anyway?
Blo: Preacher Man
   the nubby rubber funk

THE BEVIS FROND recorded in session at WFMU, 5/9/01, engineered by Gil Shuster
   She's In Love With Time
   On a Liquid Wheel
   Return of the Stylites
   Lights Are Changing
   Lost Souls Day
   This Corner of England
   New River Head
   I'm On Top of It Now
   High on a Downer
   He'd Be a Diamond
   When She Comes

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