Rhubarb Cake, 5/3/01, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

sleet in summer, summer in sleet

most of this show is archived here (though not the Verlaines set)--listen!

background: Hazard: Wind

Ida: Blizzard of '78
   some people's idea of an outtake would be the pinnacle of others' careers

The Chills: Jellyhead
   Q: How did a song this great go unrecorded? A: Martin Phillipps
Suzi Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man
   somebody got the message
Steward: My True Friends Are Golden
   the flip side of extreme bitterness
Submission Hold: Something Finer

Tim Eriksen: Garden Hymn
   it's in the book, you could look it up
Fennesz: C-Street
   an altogether new kind of guitarist
Persons: If Music Be the Bowl of Love
   confusing, long, Shakespearean in a way
Modest Mouse: Woodgrain
   confusing, very short, almost coughed
Felix Kubin: Russian Robot in NY
   operating on outmoded tech

spotlight on LINDA SMITH (whose recordings can now be found at
http://www.homemademusic.com ):
   The Space Between the Buildings
   All I Did
   Gorgeous Weather
   Till Another Time

   In Love
   Put a Little Love in Your Heart
   All the Umbrellas in London

   The Real Miss Charlotte
   I So Liked Spring
   Fin de Fête
   Diana Froley: Reverse Honeymoon
   Yours Truly: Domesticated

   Something New! (remix by Arthur Loves Plastic)
   It Seems to Me

THE VERLAINES live in Dunedin at the Otago Festival of the Arts, 10/12/00
(special thanks to KFJC):
   It Was Raining
   Jailhouse, 4:00 AM
   Lucky in My Dreams
   Blanket Over the Sky
   Heavy 33
   Way Out Where
   Joed Out
   I Stare Out...
   Dippy's Last Trip
   Ready to Fly
   Hanging By Strands
   Death and the Maiden
   Slow Sad Love Song
   The Ballad of Harry Noryb
   Lying In State

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