Rhubarb Cake, 4/26/01, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

cooler than the counter

most of this show is archived here (though the Chills set isn't)--listen!

background: Groenland Orchester: Nurobic

David Jackman: Machine Guns
   for Bob Kerrey
Dog Faced Hermans: Calley
Sigur Rós: Svefn-G-Engler
   whatever you say
K.: Were We To Dance
   a Flashpapr cover, remixed by Warn Defever, whose axis this is

Stretchheads: New Thing In Egypt
   half-electrocuted Muppets
Life Without Buildings: PS Exclusive
   reminds me in unusual ways of the Fall
Sportsguitar: Gong Gong
   guitar burns that don't fade
JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band: My Beach, My Waves, Fuck Off!
   compare "There It Is"--no, seriously
Wazmo Nariz: Checking Out the Checkout Girl
   biggest vocal affectation ever

Mark Kozelek: Love at First Feel
   touching. literally.
Hayseed Dixie: Highway to Hell
   one joke, but good for three minutes
Evolution Control Committee: Rocked by Rape
   funnier much longer than I thought it'd be
AC/DC: Problem Child
   the root, the vine, the tree
Danielson Famile: Rallying the Rommies
   but they're going to... the other place! (The good one.)

Boredoms/DJ Krush: Rebore vol. 3 (Gigamix)
   stand on your head for a change

Yusef Lateef: Oboe Blues
   mel-o-tones walk with a (live) bugs bunny bendy toy
Nikki Sudden: Ringing On My Train
   like the road runner who never studied law
Bob Starker: Monkey Clock
   is there a famous cartoon character who's a monkey? why not?
Beige: Puste Kuchern
   a small interpretive dance for someone else
Tymon Dogg: Safeway People
   the missing link between the Clash and Apple Records, plus Nuggets
Klimperei: Tous les légumes
   if "Vegetable Man" started a band
Tony Allen vs. Freak: Leroy
   the knack for hitting things never leaves one

THE CHILLS live at the Otago Festival of the Arts, Dunedin, New Zealand
(special thanks to KFJC; anyone who knows the missing song titles is
invited to email me):
   I Don't Want to Live Forever
   Effloresce & Deliquesce
   Find Your Own Way Home
   Pink Frost
   Falling Off Your Throne
   Wet Blanket
   Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn
   KFJC jingle
   Rolling Moon

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