Rhubarb Cake, 4/12/01, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

old lady spy

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Kiyoshi Mizoutani: Bird Songs

the first two hours of this week's show are a SPOTLIGHT ON HARRIET RECORDS,
the amazing Boston-area label that ran '89-'97 or so--we played as many of
their 7" singles as we could cram in...

High Risk Group: Flag

Fertile Virgin: Lucky Day
Scarlet Drops: I See You
Wimp Factor 14: Train Song
High Risk Group: Daddy Rolex

The Magnetic Fields: 100,000 Fireflies
Popsmear: Angel Talk
Crayon: Another King of the World
Mecca Normal: How Many Now?
Scarlet Drops: Dogma-Self

Crayon: Secret Goldfish
Pinky: I'm On the Inside
Six Cents and Natlie: Boyfriends
Wimp Factor 14: Botch
High Risk Group: Pulsed

The Magnetic Fields: Alien Being
Lotus Eaters: Falling
Crayon: The Snap-Tight Wars
Twig: Riff
The Extra Glenns: Infidelity

Wimp Factor XIV: Infotainted
Bagpipe Operation: San Occidente
Pest: Philosophically Dyslexic
Vehicle Flips: Our Returning Champion
My Pretty Finger: Spring's Newest Neutrals

Tully Craft: True Blue
The Receptionists: Eyebrow Dirge
Hula Boy: January 17, 1912
Twig: Parade
Ampersands: Annabel Bleach

My Favorite: The Informers
Prickly: Fancy Party Hairdo
Caramel: My Tailor Is Rich
The Cannanes: It's a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain

GREENPOT BLUEPOT in session at WFMU, 4/4/01 (engineered by Jesse Cannon):
   Red Apples [a Smog cover]
   Ennomium Cité No. 2
   The Historian
   National Post-College Anthem
   Memorabilia of Pedophilia
   Letter to #27
   Construction Ballet

Now Time Delegation: Layin' on the Ground
   a new maximum for R & B
His Name Is Alive: When the Lovelight Starts to Shine Through His Eyes
   and a local-area peak for Motown while they're at it
Rebecca Moore: Stilleto'd Young Stars
   wobbled-up ways
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282: '91 Dodge Van
   shortest bitterest burst of Eickelbergism ever

Eugene McDaniels: The Lord is Back
   now I'll give you something to sing about
Danielson Famile: We Don't Say Shut Up
   they just chirp
Derek Bailey: M2
   let's everybody agree that this is a guitar--ha!

Mark Eitzel: To The Sea
   fleshed-out memorial to Jeff Buckley

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