Rhubarb Cake, 4/5/01, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

the smile on the face of the bacchant

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Keith Fullerton Whitman: 21:30 for Acoustic Guitar

The Du-Tels: Shortenin' Bread
   happiest version of this ever

Dump: When U Were Mine
   crushes like royalty
Stereolab: John Cage Bubblegum
   back to my roots
A Certain Ratio: Shack Up
   the crumbly underside to "Why Can't We Live Together"
Les Fleur de Lys: Mud In Your Eye
   it's a hormonal eruption and they call it mud

Reading: Ad Reinhart: Art In Art Is Art-As-Art
Can: Mother Sky
   inspired by Brian Turner's guitar playing
Ziggy Bathtub: Iggy Medley
   it's a dirty job, but... don't even say it
Swell Maps: Ripped & Torn
   ou sont les Suddens d'antan?

These Immortal Souls: Marry Me
   et les Soundtracks aussi (and Aussies)
Psycho-Baba: Bhajan Me
Intimate Butler: Longsong 1 (excerpt)
   "now serving... MY COCK!"
Laura Lee: I Don't Want Nothin' Old But Money
   oo, claim those rights why don't you
Eddie Bo: Hook & Sling (pt. 2)
   nothing more than the right to a beat

His Name Is Alive: Girl
   just in case, you know? just in case
The Mickey Finn: Garden Of My Mind
   'scuse me while I kiss this cheap imitation
hollAnd: White-Hot Minimal
   ranks high on the "what is he doing" meter
Atom & His Package: Alpha Desperation March
   I have wanted to sing this song into several people's answering machines
The Dismemberment Plan: Crush
   no really, it's nothing, honest

Varttina: Kappee
   be of good cheer; maintain it for years
Pere Ubu: Gone Gone Gone
   rippity-skip from seventy-six
Hanged Up: New Blue Order
   yes, yes, if you think you recognize the riff just look at the title
Tennessee Twin: These Thoughts Are Occupied

The Blue Aeroplanes: Showing Off to Impress the Girls
   even an art collective w/ interpretive dancer can do the punk
The Rusty Nails: When The Saints Go Marchin' In
   even a punk band w/ bagpipe can do the trad
Glass Candy & the Shattered Theater: Love, Love, Love
   even a 2001 Bowie-fanatic can do the post-punk
Aavikko: New York - London - Siiliajärvi - Tokyo
   even a Finn can do the M
Manitoba: Mammals Vs. Reptiles

LOIS MAFFEO in session at WFMU, 4/4/01 (engineer: Jesse Cannon)
   The Trouble With Me
   [new song]
   Who Will Walk
   Being Blind
   You Love Your Wounds

Terre Roche: Explain the Rain
   somebody wants to be "Johnny Carson"-era Brian Wilson
Scientific Americans: G-Stalt
   could this be the same ones who discovered dub later?
Biota: Words Disappear
   combine. stir. mix. keep mixing. keep right on mixing
Elyse: Houses
   '70ish folkie with Mr. Neil Young contributing guitar
Bobby "Blue" Bland: Lead Me On
   early on, already attuned to cruelty

"Arab on Radar": Fallopian Boobs
   I think it really is Oxes, but a dead-on parody/pastiche
Polygon Window: Quoth
   R. James's hardest beat ever
The Factory: Path Through the Forest
   international garage psyche's crispiest beat ever
Inez Foxx: Watch the Dog That Brings the Bone
   oh yeah, she knows from experience
Slant 6: Semi-Blue Tile
   total economy power move

Nobukazu Takemura: wish I'd notated it

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