Rhubarb Cake, 2/8/01, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

only inarticulate people use language

this show is archived here--listen!

Swell Maps: Collision With A Frogman vs. the Mangrove Delta Plan

Ring Steppers: Quicker Chicken
Anti:Clockwise: Masculinity At Its Finest
   [incorporating DJ Food: Monocle (Silver Dub)]
I Start Counting: Letters To A Friend
Lesser: Hindu Shuffle and Force

The Magic Pacer: Heaven Forget Me
Optiganally Yours: Empire State Human
Ladytron: Another Breakfast With You
The Remote Viewers: Secret
Minnie Riperton: Inside My Love

Snakefinger: The Vivian Girls
Lightning Bolt: Saint Jacques
Gang of Four: Return the Gift
Hakan Lidbo: Prewinder

Pete Krebs/Danny Barnes: The House Carpenter
The Ex: Oskar Beck
Matmos: Spondee
Leo Kupper: Récit 2
Jaap Blonk: Geen Krimp II/III
Trevor Wishart: Anticredos

Stephen Malkmus: The Hook
Microphones Singers: I Can't Believe You Actually Died
The City: I Wasn't Born To Follow
The Frogs: Jewels
Sun City Girls: My Friend RAIN

Susan Cadogan: Do It Baby
Rhythm & Soul with Tikiman: What A Mistry
AEIOU: AEO Play Electric Jewsharp
Giorgio Moroder/Todd Terry: The Chase
Ivanovich: Skimming Bosporos
23 Skidoo: Vegas El Bandito
Hood: Cold Fire Woods of Western Lanes

Dub Narcotic Sound System: Ship To Shore
Bollinger & Gloor: Individuell
Twill: 3
The Stickmen: Do Get Down
Third Eye Foundation: Next of Kin
Linda Thompson: The Poor Boy Is Taken Away

Don Cherry: Teo-Teo-Can

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