Rhubarb Cake, 12/14/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas


this show is archived here--listen!

background: Charles Curtis: Ultra White Violet Light

reading: Ralph Waldo Emerson: Politics

James Brown: People It's Bad (We Got To Get Over Before We Go Under)
   original version of "Funky President"
The Work: I Hate America
   our long national throbbing headache begins
Ulan Bator: Let Go Ego
   as with all demands, it goes on for a while
Modern Lovers: Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
   as with all demands, it is a single shaky voice, quickly stilled

The New Pornographers: The Body Says No
   I swear this is the best power-pop record in like 18 years
Gram Parsons: Reputation
   young, tense and singing Tim Hardin
The Cannanes: William
   "sometimes the drugs help and sometimes they don't"
Low: Whore
   mere prettiness isn't even a memory any more
DNA: Lying On The Sofa Of Life
   prettiness in general is an alien concept

Muslimgause/Moondogg: This Gun Is Still Bleeding Loaded
   just like putting one's favorite knit pillow over the speaker
Stilluppsteypa: Darling, I Know
   perfect prequel to Apsu's "don't ever doubt me" song
DJ Pica Pica Pica: Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin' 199999 (excerpt)
   kaBAMa kaBAMa kaBAMa kaBAMa kaBAMa kaBAMa kaBAMa kaBAMa kaBAMa
Fat Day: Little Rachcles

Kimya Dawson: Great Crap
   a touching tribute to my second cousin, w/ TV on in background
Son, Ambulance: Brown Park
   we're a happy family we're a happy family
Nutley Brass: Teenage Lobotomy
   eventually everything gives you the fear
Karen Mantler: Beware
   one of very few songs not about her mom or her cat; brilliant anyway

Lee Fields: Wanna Dance
   "little J.B.," they call him
Big Youth: Political Confusion
Hrvatski: Bad Raum
   high-concept, low-tech, hi-tek, fabulous

THE DELGADOS in session at WFMU 11/22/00 (engineered by Gil Shuster):
   Aye Today
   American Trilogy
   Accused of Stealing
   Don't Stop

for this gorgeous "low-key acoustic session," the Delgados were:
Alun Woodward: vocals, guitar
Emma Pollack: vocals, guitar
Stewart Henderson: bass
Paul Savage: percussion
Chloe Kent: violin
Vuk Krakovic: violin
Chrales Cross: viola
Alan Barr: cello
Samantha Kynaston: flute
Colin McPherson: piano
John Delf: additional engineering

Pink Wally, Jeffy Lube, Dirty Louie, DJ Stinko: Yam Yam
   there are lots of things to do with yams
Gary Byrd: Every Brother Ain't A Brother
   great irritable Black Power single from '68-ish
Kartpaty Magiczne: Spiewajace Misy
M:I:5: Maßstab I:5
Sainkho Namtchylak: Let The Sunshine
   Tuvan improv weirdo goes trip-hop X-over
News from Babel: Contraries
   brief, sly, dashed-off but formal

Spike Jones: I Want The South To Win The War For Xmas
   seems to have happened, sigh
Calvin Spears: Bugs In Your Head
   that explains a lot
Kiki and Herb: People Die
   medley of "Rudolph the RNR," "Teen Spirit," "Suicide Is Painless"
Dickbath: Space Hate
   inarticulacy says it all
Brokeback: Running Scared
   so does leaving out the words

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